The 1031 Exchange is the key to keeping more of the money you make in real-estate. I typical investor loves the benefits of depreciation on their taxes. That same investor dreads having to pay recapture taxes when they sell the property. The 1031 Exchange is an IRS code section that allows you to avoid paying the 1251 recapture taxes and can capital gains on the properties you sell.

We offer an income trust that invests in commercial real estate debt and mezzanine financing on commercial properties. We are happy to send you examples of properties in the portfolio. Commercial real estate debt provides a potential source of income, interest rate protection and more.

Our Ultimate Money Market is for those with $250,000 or more in cash. The reason our Money Market is different is we don’t invest in short term bond portfolios the way everyone else does. We make overnight deposit loans to 800+ banks in the United States. As a result, our money market is FDIC insured up to $50 Million Dollars per account. Every time the Federal Reserve raises interest rate our yields go up the next day. Our current yield is over 1.7%+. We can also send you a white paper that explains why because of the Money Market Reform Act of 2017 your cash may not be as safe at money center banks as you think it is. Let us show you how to get more out of your cash reserves

Our defensive portfolio is designed to produce a conservative return while the market is rising and amazing results when the market crashes.

Two Men in Office

We have the ability to use 10,800 money managers from around the country. Makes all the investment decisions for you but the advantage of this is it is tax efficient. You only pay taxes on gains on your actual participation unlike mutual funds.


The key to having a financial plan is making sure that you can live with the plan through rises and falls in the stock market. Using Nobel Prize winning research in behavioral finance we have a way to identify the right amount of risk for you to take in your portfolio. We call it the Risk Number. What is your number?